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— Milton Herring - Torrance City Council Member

Sharon is a vibrant and loving person.  She is dedicated to our community and has the knowledge, experience, and ideas, we need in our city. — Aurelio Mattucci - Torrance City Council Member

— Maureen O’Donnell, Former Torrance City Council Member

— Paul M. Nowatka - Former Torrance Council Member

John Cruikshank, Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Pro Tem — John Cruikshank - City of Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Pro Tem

— Russ Lesser - Former Manhattan Beach Mayor

I have to start this out with how honored I am to call this beautiful soul my friend! She is one of the kindest, honest and strongest women I know! She fights for what is right! She is a woman of her word and I truly believe she will do her best to keep Torrance they way we have always loved it to be!! I grew up in this town, graduated from Torrance High! My parents grew up here as well and my grand parents moved here back in ‘41, my Dad used to have cattle on Lomita blvd and other places through out the city! Needless to say we have had generations grow up in this town. Having Sharon Kalani on Torrance City council would bring honesty and integrity To our city! You will be heard and when she listens you can count on the fact that you will be heard. With Sharon you have a voice!!! — Dodie Ihde Johnson

Sharon Kalani is driven by her love and vision to see Torrance at it’s very best. Sharon has integrity and honesty and I fully support & endorse her for election to Torrance City Council District 4... — Judith Simmons


Director - Revotech, Inc. — Steve Rochman

I have been very impressed with Sharon's leadership of the Torrance /southbay ymca. I have been on that board for 30years...and we never have had a better board chairman than Sharon. when she commits to something...she COMMITS to it (all in). She isn't running because she likes politics...she's running because she loves her Torrance community and wants to make a difference. GO SHARON!!! SINCERELY, JERRY MARCIL (former ymca board chair) — Jerry Marcil

— Irene Ordaz - Torrance Resident

Sharon had been my inspiration here at Green Hills Memorial Park since my first day. Her leadership, experience and knowledge are so commendable as many wish to emulate her example. She will benefit more than just her specific district; she'll positively influence the entire city of Torrance. I wholeheartedly endorse Sharon Kalani as the BEST choice, the best voice, the best new Torrance City Council member! — Adrienne Slaughter

On behalf of Young Leaders in the United States, I am pleased to endorse Sharon Kalani for Torrance's 4th Council District. Mrs. Kalani has a proven track record of fighting for people of all ages. I know that Mrs. Kalani will strive to make Torrance the best city for a child to grow up - as a vociferous advocate for safety, civic engagement, and fiscal responsibility. - Chairman Raphael F. Rebucas (Young Leaders PAC) — Raphi Rebucas

Sharon is a judge in TICA, the international cat fanciers association. She is well respected and can always be counted on to take time from her busy schedule to judge. She is very organized, always willing to stop and donate a bit of her time no matter how busy she is. — Synthia O’Dell

Good Luck, Sharon. Love, Zach Pausma — Zach Pausma

I endorse Sharon Kalani for city council. — Alice Luna

Sharon is a very hard working person..She is humble..compassionate and trustworthy. She would make an excellent choice. — Maryann Langley

Sharon is a well-educated person who will support her community to the fullest. — Drew Barnes

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