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About Sharon


I love God, my family, my country and my community. Keeping children safe and in value-based activities, and caring for our seniors is near and dear to my heart.

I am a Hispanic American and my immediate and extended family is very diverse and inclusive.  My father, who was raised in Puerto Rico passed unexpectedly when I was 17.  I entered the workforce at that time, sometimes working two to three full time jobs. This major life event would be my platform for understanding hard work, incredible work ethic, and understanding that it’s a privilege to have a job - not a right.

Married over 31 years I have two wonderful daughters who were born and raised in Torrance, and my husband and I just became grandparents. I grew up in the South Bay and our family has called Torrance our home from the start. We have lived in several districts, living in District 4 since 1998.

I have had two major work careers and have volunteered and served in our city since 1996, helping to raise money for and supporting community services; teaching as an Art Docent in Torrance Schools, creating scholarships for young people, volunteering for hospice care, and over the last three years, serving as Chairperson of the Board of Managers at the Torrance South Bay YMCA.

Growing up, I rode horses and spent the days at the beach. I attended Graduate School of Retail Bank Management at the University of Virginia, while working full time, raising my daughters and taking care of my mother. I currently spend my spare time volunteering of course, but love to travel and recently obtained my Rescue Diver Certification.

Our great city needs to stay that way while being united and strong! It needs to stay clean, safe, fiscally responsible, transparent, and for the people.

Why run for Torrance City Council and why vote for me?

I care about and love our city!

My hands-on experience has afforded me the opportunity to manage large assets, budgets, financial statements and audits. I was responsible for managing human resources, personnel and performance. I reviewed processes, managed consolidations, mergers and crisis control. I am a hard-working person, who is passionate, with compassion and the highest of integrity.

I value the trust that people continue to afford me. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in our city in the past, present and future. As a Councilperson, I promise to be YOUR VOICE. It is not MY agenda. It will be my responsibility to LISTEN, LEARN and make the best choices for YOU, the people who live, work, do business and shop in our city and come to visit its many treasures. I know that as a Councilperson I will not make everyone happy. But rest assured that I will study the facts, ask the questions and be solution-based in my decisions.  What is important to me is what is important to you! Please vote for me on March 3, 2020 for District 4, Torrance City Council.

Let me be YOUR VOICE for the City of Torrance!


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